Tina Layman

Tina Layman


       ARTIST   .   TEACHER    .   DESIGNER   .  WRITER






I  am so pleased to be able to say that,  I , Tina Layman, am a Kingdom Artist! It has taken many years to get here.  I have always had a love for the arts and an insatiable hunger for the things of heaven. I work in several medias – namely, pottery, fiber, and mixed media utilizing acrylic paints, metals, gems, and a palethra of collectable items found worthy of some promotion of truth . ( Take a peek at the gallery)


As a former Ohio resident and an award winning artist – I was privileged to participate in the Ohio Governors Art Exhibition . I received 5 certificates of award for mixed media works in pastel, oil, acrylic, and charcoal.  2 medallions of honor were awarded for a 20’ hand crafted , hand dyed, soft wall sculpture  AND a mixed media acrylic painting.  What is so wonderful about this story is that the bi-laws of the exhibit stated that only 1 male and 1 female would receive a medallion for their outstanding work. The bi-laws were changed for me that year – I received 2 and made history , with a hand shake from the Governor himself and a standing ovation from family, friends, and attendees. Why wouldn’t I want to do this for life!


1977  -  I attended Rhema Bible Training Center . Traveled Norvel Hayes Ministries for 2 years. 1981 – Married, birthed 4 children.  Not ALL at the same time! Worked as an Art Sales/Consultant for 11 years , an Interior Designer for over 25 years, and a Childrens’ Church Minister for over 20 of those years – utilizing the arts and teaching the kingdom.  Traveled Joan Hunter Ministries, Intl.


 After 15 years of incubating this vision for the prophetic arts –  Studio Alive, Inc. is A Fine Art Studio designed to launch a 21st century prophetic arts movement that will produce beautiful works of art that show forth the realities of God’s Kingdom allowing seers everywhere to experience the salvaic messages in a fresh new venue. A studio that will mentor and train artisans to hear and see and produce with skill those manifold works of righteousness. The works you see now are a product of painting  after 30 years of family, work, and church life.


I hope you will join me in my efforts to “EXALT OUR KING”  and to raise up an army of artisans that will create more beautiful works of art than that of the stated ‘Baroque Age”. Please take your time to get acquainted with each piece –  A story page comes with each piece as well as a certificate of authenticity and an artist statement.  Every painting has a  prophetic message and story .


  • I am available to “TEACH” on the Kingdom and “PAINT LIVE”.
  • I am also available as an added element to a scheduled conference, retreat, or workshop, to “PAINT LIVE” and provide an art table with resourceful products.
  • I am also available to “TEACH ART” and  to do a “PAINT WORKSHOP”.