It was 2:00 one afternoon in Yukon ,Oklahoma when I decided to step out of my studio to check the weather. Wow !  blue skies, but what a dark wall cloud as I looked south of my city. Apprehension and prayer simultaneously arose from within. I hate this season – it makes me nervous. My next waking day, Monday, brought what I feared. Moore, Oklahoma, F5 – hit @ 3;00 that day. I watched as others watched. Compassion and tears welling deep as I beheld the losses. 12,000 plus homes destroyed.

What would I do? What would I think if I lost everything? What would I say to the person who has lost it all and feels absolutely lost and the why for living just died too? A plethora of answers flooded my mind. Which one would I stake my heart on? Certainly there is one thing that will stand true – no matter what? Certainly!

I saw it!  No matter color, ethnicity, gender, language, or age – things here now – or things yet to come – one thing stays steady – unshakeable, unmovable, and many times regretfully “unknown”. Would I dare say it ?  Would they find hope in it? Would they feel even more bitter?

My thoughts turned into pictures and vividly I saw an image of hope telling a story. A painting I was already working on in an art class I was teaching. On the canvas – there was laid the darkness against the blue and a palette knife had created what appeared to be like that of a torrential down pour of rain, a cross was imbedded in the storm and seemingly the storm wrapped itself around the cross as if to say – even the cross didn’t keep the hell from happening. But the cross prevailed and stood strong in the midst of the storm. I saw from within another message of hope – I saw it in a metallic grid form design – with diamond gems at its intersections. These were the people, circumstances, and things that would  work  together to bring the good, the miracles – they were popping out of the storm everywhere as if God wanted to say  – Just watch and see what I will do. I then saw the steering wheel from a ship planted in the middle of the cross – it too, having a message. Stay steady – let me lead you and guide you, I have already been to hell and back – I know how to do this. And for every soul that was somehow able to just work at staying steady – the cross became an anchor for them – to keep them steady. (see the anchor – hanging from the grid design on the lower left) it says – A soul finds hope (sees God) thru people, circumstances, and things working together for their good in spite of the storm. I suddenly realized thru the painting process that God had thoughts and opinions about this devastating time. I saw a large diamond teardrop falling fast from out of the storm – I knew its intent immediately. “I hurt when there is loss”! I don’t wish for anybody to lose anything in life – I want them to have it all, I’ve given everything to prove this. Everyone thinks I am in control – I AM NOT! There are many things warring to take precious life. I want life to be good for everyone! HELL  never stopped for Christ. But Christ, His cross, offers us a message of hope for now and forever,“IF”we can find courage to embrace it.

We have a kingdom which cannot be removed. Heb.12:28.  Individually we are to embrace by choice that kingdom. Whether an individual has or hasn’t – does or doesn’t – The kingdom still remains. What would it be like to be a part of something that will never get destroyed or suffer loss? Whether you know it or not – you are a part of something bigger than you will ever come to realize and that there are people, circumstances, and things working together for your good in spite of the hellish storms of life that like to wrap themselves around us.

May this work of art – heavenly inspired,  speak volumes of God’s love and care to you and those affected by anyone who has experienced loss and  sudden devastation in life. May you begin to feel healing virtues flow over you like the downpouring rains that fall from heaven.  May they continue many times over in the days and years ahead.  May you stay steady today and in the days to come, may the Kingdom find its ways and truths into your heart , and may your eyes behold the miracles that God is working on your behalf for you –even now! And as a result – may you become like the kingdom – a ROCK, having ability to be unmovable, unshakeable, and able to stand strong – no matter the storm. For it has been said that there is “ONE THING THAT REMAINS”!

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