An art studio/school who has its rising foundations up and out of the local church. Its purpose is to provide an avenue for the arts, for adults and youth from local schools and communities thru the utilization of multi talented, multi-cultured artisans who want to work the call of the creative arts ministry for youth. Its core, being comprised of highly called, trained, and anointed individuals equipped to train other artisans to teach and bring to fruition the undeveloped talents of our youth. Ultimately, forming and launching a worldwide contemporary Christian art move of aesthetically and spiritually pleasing FINE ART like the world has never seen. Art with eternal meaning, visually demonstrating the power of God on canvas, in photography, sculpture, pottery … illustrating healing, truth, and the salvaic manifestations of the Holy Spirit —- captured, frozen, and formed thru the various art medias. To bring to life from another dimension the concrete realities of The Faith and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. THUS, opening the door for the Creative Arts Ministry and igniting a fresh move of God’s Spirit in the local church, in the community, and in the world to establish a new prophetic 21 art movement.